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25 April 2024
Tokyo, Japan
Nordic Health Summit Japan 2024


Arranged in collaboration with NAVA. Details and application here.

Testimonials from past participants:

"The organisers managed to secure a good selection of top-tier
partners participating with high-level executives, meaning we could
directly discuss potential collaborations with the right person.
An excellent intro to the Japanese market!"

- Matthew Liptrot, Cerebriu, Denmark

"NAVA and Nordic Innovation House Tokyo put together a fantastic
itinerary, facilitating meetups with potential clients via events and visits.
A smooth journey to get a foot into the Japanese market!"

- Prateek Singh, Finnadvance, Finland

"ANYO Labs sees great value in participating in the delegation!
The program offered us an unique a greater understanding of the
Japanese market, and a unique opportunity to network with Nordic peers and to get Japanese leads."

André Stadelmann, Anyo Labs, Sweden

"My networking experience was really good, I got the opportunity at one of
the networking events to connect with a major Japanese company that
seems to be the right partner for us!"

- Motoo Toyama, Navigil, Finland

Closed since 19 April 2024
Location LINK-J日本橋ライフサイエンスビルディング/Nihonbashi Life Science Building東京都中央区日本橋本町2-3-11 Access https://www.link-j.org/access/lsb.html
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Participants 82
Meetings 108
Japan 53
Sweden 23
Norway 5
Denmark 3
Finland 2
Iceland 1
Total 87